Twice Transmission – Jane Kitagawa

Twice Transmission – a floating world of paper and sound

Twice transmission developed through Larissa Linnell and Eliot Palmer’s collaborative residency with 3331 Chiyoda, and through a response to sound recording and experiences of seclusion and containment at Komyogi Temple, Kamiyacho.

In a continuation of their practices in respectively engaging with paper-based works, and resonance focused on vibration and sound, Twice Transmission draws attention to ideas of ephemerality and infinitesimality.

The project is the second iteration of Linnell’s washi work ‘water fibre’ built from an adaptation of the work through integrating vibration in the surfaces and edges of the paper.

Drawing upon an intrigue and curiosity to create resonance and sound from washi, the undulating curves of Linnell’s suspended paper forms hint at compositional ebb and flow. Also at play is an investigation of the subtleties of light and shadow. The hovering, free form of the sculpture lends a subtle variation to what is both seen and heard.

Attracted to washi’s resilience, and perhaps coming full circle in her interaction with the paper – having studied drawing, printmaking and papermaking – Linnell found a vibrational rhythm in manually tearing and creating the paper forms.
This motif is carried through in the displayed work:

The rustling of the washi triggers different auditory ‘states’ that vary in both intensity and frequency. Layering an audio dimension incorporating the retransmission of sound recordings of vibration in wood and paper from the Komyogi Temple, Kamiyacho, Palmer blends elongated buzzing, tonal washes and barely imperceptible hums into a composition responsive to the form and resonance of the paper.

The sounds emanating from the surfaces and the interaction of the torn edges exist as quiet varying states across the paper landscape – please listen closely.

Jane Kitagawa, Writer


Twice Transmission – 紙と音が織り成す浮世

本作品「Twice transmission」は、アーツ千代田3331にてレジデンス•アーティストとして滞在したラリッサ・リネルとエリオット・パーマーが、港区神谷町の光明寺で行なったフィールド・レコーディングと、そこで体感した”隔離された感覚”と”包まれている感覚”を展開した共同制作です。

それぞれに「”紙”による表現」と「振動と音の共鳴」をテーマとする二人は、「Twice transmission」で、まるで消えてなくなってしまいそうな、極めて小さな”何か”が感じられる作品を生み出しました。

このプロジェクトは、リネルの和紙作品「water fiber」をベースに、紙全体に伝達する振動と反響する音とが交わる形で成り立っているものです 。



紙の擦れる音は強度と頻度において、その時々の様々な「状態」を感じさせます。そこに、光明寺の障子や木が振動する音源を重ね合わせることで、パーマーは、引き延ばされたざわめき、うねり、気づかないほどの僅かなノイズを、揺れる紙の形に呼応した 構図へと融合させています。